Friday, December 01, 2006

Baby needs a new hat!

Through surfing around, I came across the meathead hat kal and shoot, I just had to do it. However, stitch marker requested it be done in Lambspride bulky, doubled. And to fit my ginormous noggin, I'll have to make a large hat (46 stitches)...that would mean getting 2 skeins at the LYS. Well, with my chaotic schedule (okay, fear of inadvertently increasing the stash), I haven't had a chance to do that yet. So, the hat remains unmade.

Yesterday, it was chilly here on the Island, so, I went to put a hat on A (you know, one of the super cute ones she got from her knitting buddies), only to find that her little head ain't so little. Yep, baby needs a new hat.

I had some Sirdar bulky hanging about, so I set to knit the hat. Whoah, what a fast knit. I didn't bother knitting in the round since, well, it's only how many rows? 30 something? So, I did my back-o-the-envelope math and figured I'd follow the pattern exactly without doubling the yarn and using size 8 needles and cast on.

I finished and seamed it and guess what?! It's a tad small. She can wear it, and it's darling, but it sorta rides up a bit.

I then casted on again (same yarn, same needles) adding 4 more stitches and an extra row of decreases. This is much better.

A big part of these hats is the embellishing. I crocheted a small flower from yarn 'left over' from my Flora UFO and stuck that on the hat. We're all better now.

pattern- meathead hat
yarn Sirdar
needles #8 straights, then seamed
crochet 5-petal flower with purple yarn

Comments: This is not only a quick and easy pattern, but dang, my kid keeps her hat on. I don't know if it's the construction of the hat or what, but it stays put.

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