Thursday, December 14, 2006

Lacevember winnings

Here's what I won:
a bag for knitting project
3 balls of Kidsilk Haze
stitchmarkers (which I've already put to use)
Kiri pattern
lovely note from the Lacevember hostesses.

Cool or what!?

You know, I think I'm not a good picture taker, that or my camera has blue issues, and my monitor, yes, it's off too. I've ordered yarn from ebay and found that it doesn't look too much like what I see on the monitor. Everything is bluer in real, does that mean that I need to overcompensate on my monitor? But when I get my pictures printed, they are also bluer than real life...I guess there's not much I can do there except edit every picture ...there must be something I can tweak with the camera. Heh, whatever, the yarn is a beautiful purple. (I have no idea what it looks like on your monitor).

1 comment:

Stefaneener said...

Looks purple to me, but then so does everything else (lightly) in the picture. I just found out that my camera has different settings for clouds, sun, indoors, flash -- who knew?