Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Nonknitting mom rec-type post

I'm in a mom's group. Actually, I was in two mom's groups, and one was at the knitting shop (so I guess this post is knitting related). Several of the knitting mom's group members had very comfy looking carriers, and of course, me being the covetor of baby carriers, why, I was intrigued. I have several and there are two that are current favorites.

This is in the order of trying/procuring them:

Bjorn - that's the Baby Bjorn. Had that w/ Z and he loved it until, wait, he loved it. I hated it after he was 3 months old. My back hurt like the dickens and it was no longer fun. With A, she's lots smaller (at 6months, she's 14lbs and 5th percentile).We're okay using it, but it's all straps and octopus-like when not in use. I've got to say that the Bjorn worked great for Halloween this year since we were able to zip her costume on over the Bjorn. So, I had a lobster strapped to me while we went Trick-o-Treating.
Bottom Line: we don't use it much any more. And then there's the issues about all the weight being at the crotch etc. (sigh)

Knitting scale: 1 ball of yarn - you can knit w/ it on if the baby's turned toward you and better if they're asleep. But, your arms will get tired from holding the knitting away from you.

Ringed sling - too fiddly. Worried about ring slipping and child dropping out. (Altho' I've had many-a-moms swear by this type.)

Knitting scale: didn't try it.

New Native/other pouches - I have count them, 2 NN pouches and another pouch just because. Why do I love these? Why they're wonderful. Very compact and baby stays put. When infant-sized, they're snuggled like a bug in a rug and when they fall asleep, you can take the whole thing off and put them down in the crib where the sling acts as a blanket. And super portable. You want to hop in and out of the car w/ baby, no problem. And did I mention the handy dandy loop on the side? Why you can connect your keys or a favorite toy to it and it's not going anywhere. When they get older, you can have them sit in the sling and you can even swing them around to the back. With z, I had him in a sling at 1.3 years while we hiked around the lava fields of the Big Island.

Knitting scale: 3 balls of yarn. If you swing the whole contraption around at least to the side, works pretty well.

Ergo carrier - This is my favorite right now. The on the back thing. Great. Thumbs up. Everyone should get one. No, really, go to the store and get one now. Stop reading and go. It's pretty much a soft front/back pack with backpack clips. It's a tad expensive, but if you think about the fact that it should carry them from birth til 40lbs, that's pretty good. When I went to check them out, I had z, my almost 4 year old, climb in and we walked around the store with him on my back. And now I'll carry him around in it sometimes just for fun.

Knitting scale: 5 balls of yarn. Have them in the backpack position and you can pretty much do all the normal tasks...including knitting.

Other carriers:
The Kangaroo wrap and others - you know, the long piece of cloth thing. Well, a couple of moms in my group have them and they swear by them. But I've got an aversion to tying things, I'm paranoid that the knots won't hold, or more frustrating, they will be too tough to untie.

Kelty or other framed backpack - yes, I have one of these too. They're light for what they are, but man, they're heavy and bulky and I kinda feel like a pack animal when I have it on (think lumbering elephant carrying the maharajah...yeah, don't go there).

MaiTais and other Asian inspired carriers - yes, I covet these too. They are darned purty. But see above and my aversion to tying. Maybe sometime I'll get supercrafty and make one...hmm...not going to happen.

Oh, I was once upon a time thinking I could knit a sling, but have since talked myself out of it (there's a pattern somewhere on the intarweb).
1)It would take a ton of yarn
2)It would be very boring to knit
3)One word. Stretch. The baby and the sling would end up dragging on the floor.
3a)I could felt it, but see 1) and it would take 2 tons of yarn
3b)That would be like knitting a big purse...hmm...nope, not doing it.

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Stefaneener said...

I tried to comment before -- the Ergo is great. I used a sling (OTSBH) for the first 3 and have the back to show for it. The Ergo addresses all of my sling issues and is great for the now-toddler one.

If you knit a sling out of cotton it would work. . .