Sunday, August 03, 2008

Weekend wrap up

I forgot, I attended the Lacis lace group this Saturday. There were only 4 of us there that day, but it was fun.

I spent time weaving the ends in for the gift I knit (then promptly forgot to bring it on Saturday night). And I tried to figure out what the heck I did to Trollblume (an extra stitch). Tinked back two rows and then had to decide if I really wanted to tink back one more row -- this would be the round with 2 knit 7 togethers in one section. Oh double drats.

Oh, and Mary Frances showed us her beautiful doily made from the center motif of Lyra. It's done with their tussah silk and it's gorgeous.

Anyway, Jules came by to show their 'new' pattern. Mary Frances has cleaned up Alpenrose! She translated the directions to English. And that missing row? She fixed it. Is she awesome or what?!

AND it's going to be included in the next group of Niebling patterns put out by Lacis...get's supposed to arrive this Wednesday!

So, if you read my blog, walk in an orderly fashion and go place your order.

The party Saturday night? It was a blast. No, literally a blast from the past. My friend had a 80's dance party. It was so much fun. I found a jacket with enourmous shoulder-ma-pads in my closet (from the 80's) to wear. Of course, you know that in order to have this jacket in my closet meant it got moved from my parents home to college (3 residences) to my brothers to grad school (3 residences) back to Cali (2 residences). Oh, my gawd! In my closet. Not in a box, not from the rags pile. From my closet! And I almost wore my short leather jacket with fringe (also in my closet). I think it's time to clean out my closet and do a donation run.

btw, I really like the music of the 80's. I think that decade was the last one where I actually knew the lyrics of the songs. My favorite song? I have so many...too many. What's your favorite 80's song?


fleegle said...

Wish I could have been there!

Jane said...

How terrrific that they are going to put out more of the Nieblings! Thanks for the heads-up. I be that Lyra looks great in that silk. I have a cone and have been trying to think what to make with it myself. We wish you were here also fleegle!