Monday, August 25, 2008

Jaunt in the City

hmmm...maybe this is why I didn't finish Lyra in time for closing ceremonies...running around doing all the other stuff.

Anyway, a couple of friends from the Lacis lace knitting group and I met in The City (that's San Francisco for the non-Bay Area folks) for a lovely afternoon on Sunday. We met up at the 16th BART station and took #33 bus to the wonderful knitting store, Imagiknit. What a nice place. You gotta love a place that separates animal fibers from non-animal fibers...

I opted for a cone of deep purple merino lace from Habu. It'll make a lovely shawl.
Then we were off to Samovar, where we were treated (by my friend) with lovely tea and salads. A little knitting got done, but it was just fun hanging with the girls and doing a field trip.
A bit ago, we went to my other friend's home where she made us a lovely lunch and amazing dessert-- we did do a bit of knitting then.
I guess I'm next. Since I have two creatures, I think I'll host at Julie's Tea in Alameda.

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fleegle said...

Wish I could have been there!

What are you thinking to knit with the purple merino?