Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Happiest Place on Earth

Heck, very little knitting got done. But what a fun place for little kids. I grew up in SoCal and went to Disneyland a lot. As we got older, my parents would send us off with $20 bill and that would get us in the park, rides, including the coveted 'E ticket' rides, and even a souvenir if we didn't blow the cash on candy...oh, how times have changed. Wow! Sticker shock. Oh, well, the kids were charmed.

We promised Z that when he learned how to read, we'd take him to Disneyland. Well, he learned last year and is actually quite a proficient reader now (we're doomed) at age 5.5...

His least favorite ride was Space Mountain. Mean parents that we are, we talked him into that ride. We forgot how fast it goes. Both quite liked the Dumbo ride. And little Creature was enthralled by everything, the characters, the rides, and yep, she loved the pirates.

Oh, while down there, it was the start of the Olympics, so I did manage to cast on a shawl. I'll post in the next post.


Elspeth said...

We did the same thing recently - talked our kids into going on Space Mountain and boy were they scared! I remember the E-tickets as well, and boy has it gone up in price! I am truly impressed in how quickly you got that shawl done!

fleegle said...

The only Disneyland I ever went to was in Tokyo--not so impressive. Glad you had fun!