Monday, August 18, 2008

Knitting Olympics part I

As my Knitting Olympics project, I originally chose Lyra (finally). But when I went to Lacis to pick up the thread, I couldn't figure out how much I needed (since I decided to do it with 100 thread).
hyrna closeup
Anyway, I have been meaning to do Hyrna Herborgar, so that's what I did. I did a little head scratching with one part (not the part that everyone else had), but other than that, it was a easy knit. I now understand why folks knit several of these. Easy and it looks amazing--kinda like swallowtail. I can totally see knitting 1 or 3 more of these...

And fast.

hyrna complete
Started August 8 2008
Completed August 13 2008
yarn: laceweight cashmere in dark red (purchased from a knitter who was destashing from Knitters Review)
needles: US4 KP options
pattern: Hyrna Herborgar


Pork with Bones said...

Gorgeous! I love the pattern in that colour.

Stefaneener said...

So so pretty. I can see it in a bronze or chocolate too.

Miss 376 said...

Wow, that is beautiful

fleegle said...

Lovely! But which part gave people trouble? The pattern was quite clear, I thought. So simple and so pretty!

Jeanne said...


Soo said...

Lovely! It looks great in a dark colour.