Saturday, October 27, 2007

Spine envy

Now, back to our regular programming...

May I introduce Spinosaurus.
spino 1

This is yet another dinosaur from Patons Dinosaur book. Again I took liberties with the pattern where I could (mostly converting flat pieces to round ones).

-This is likely the most complex of the dinosaurs I've knitted thus far. Maybe that's why it took me so long.
-Making him incorporated many of the skills learned from the other dinos. Like what? Well, the fin is felted, this guy needed claws and I had to make teeth.
-The spine? Let me tell you about the spine. I actually knit 3 of them?! The first was a prototype to see if it could be done, then another that should have fit the dino (but it was way too small), and then finally a third much larger one. I did not want spino to have a wimpy small fin and have his dino friends mock him.
yarn: acrylic of various colors and Patons merino for spine
needles: US3 for everything except for the fin. US9 for spine
started: September, 2007
finished October 26, 2007
fiddly pieces sewn together: 23

fin: The fin was knitted flat to achieve an oval shape. CO12 stitches, changed color every 2 rows, increased every row 1st and last stitch w/ M1 until 4 rows, then increase every 2 rows until 11th row, then no increase for 8 rows, then decrease (to match increase). The piece was folded over, seamed and then felted.

Okay, one final shot. Yes, Spino's a carnivore, but this cedar tree looks pretty good...


Soo said...

That is the fiercest looking piece of knitting I've ever seen!!

(And just caught up on the lawyerly stuff --- grrrrr.)

chemgrrl said...

Oh wow! He's awesome!

You are such a good mommy, making all these fiddly dinos. I've buried my dino book at the bottom of the pattern pile. Who knows if it will ever again see the light of day?

Diane said...

He's adorable .... I mean scarey and frightening.

fleegle said...

Tee Hee! He is really scary, but I am glad you didn't settle for a wimpy spine. Hope he doesn't like chewing knitting needles.

Kathy Kathy Kathy said...

Excellent! Inspirational! Orange! Photogenic! Unique! Monstrous! Skillful! Dangerous! Paton's Dinosaur Book. I might have to get that.