Friday, October 05, 2007

Oakey Dokey progress

What am I doing? My list of WIPs just keep getting longer and longer. Anyway, I've joined the yahoo Niebling group KAL for Frosted Ferns --which they've renamed Okey Dokey since it's supposed to be like Oak, except that something might have happened during translation and so...

Started September 30, 2007
needles: Inox 2mm
yarn: Cebelia #30

I started it Anyway, here's my progress. I had to stop to work on the present this week, but this was great to pick up after knitting a lot of stockinette.


knitabulous said...

Your doily's looking great so far. I may have to frog mine, but probably better decided at row 60 than finishing and then frogging it anyway, no?

Soo said...

Oaky Doaky is indeedally doodally looking fantastic. (Said in my best Ned Flanders voice.)

Knitting with cotton that fine still freaks me out though - I'm not sure I'm ready to try it out!