Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Spirally Loop-D Geek transfiguration

I'm over the moon. My z actually requested a knitted object. This is the boy who refuses to wear the sweaters I knitted for him (orange lovely from Last Minute Knitted Gifts, blue rolled collar pull-over from some pattern, and the Italia Fingerpaints toddler cardi). This is also the same boy that had no interest in a kitty or elephant that I knit for him. Or any of the knitted bags, scarves, hats, etc...

Well, he wants a baby blanket. But not a baby blanket, a big boy blanket...I immediately started looking for a pattern. I showed him the Curve of Pursuit that I first saw in the Mason-Dixon book. He thought that would be cool. I then saw the Swirl Without End and he thought that was also cool. I thought hey, I have this pattern...Loop-D-Loop as the Geek sweater. Well, gee, I wanted to start it now, and to order the pattern from across the pond would just take too long.

As for the yarn, he likes blue. We went on-line and he picked out the blue colors he liked. I came home with navy blue and medium blue and he pitched a fit (did I mention he's not 4 years old yet?). Apparently, he doesn't like the navy. What's a mom to do? Yeah, I caved. I told him that if he didn't like the Miami Aqua (I had that for a sweater I never finished for him because I wasn't going to knit him any more clothing -- and yes, the sweater was done minus one sleeve. Yes, one sleeve), he wasn't getting a blanket. He said he liked the color and so I started knitting (after ripping and rewinding the sweater).

I knitted the blanket according to protocol in the book. At triangles 8 or so, I figured out that I've knitted a bowl. Awww, pickles! The pattern asks for an increase of only 2 stitches per side and well, that's not enough. Think about geometry and tell me how an additional 2 stitches per side would work out. (it doesn't.)I could stretch it out to flat again, but since this is being made w/ Encore, it's not going to ever block out. Soooo, ripped out to block 6 and started again. At block 9, realized the culprit was at block 5 (double pickles!) and ripped it back. The nice thing about Encore is that no tinking required. Pull out the needles and rip away and super easy to pick up the remaining loops.

Anyway, I'm knitting triangles. And more triangles. I'm tired of knitting triangles, so the blanket should be done pretty soon. I have pics in the camera, but can't be bothered to upload them. Will take finished shot and post then.

One thing tho'...he's got a good eye for color. It looks really good.


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Stefaneener said...

Man, were you patient! I'm finding my boy to be a challenge still at almost 5. He likes knitted stuff, though.

And the blanket! How frustrating. Is there any errata? It's going to be lovely, truly a "big boy" blanket.