Sunday, October 15, 2006

Shetland triangle

I've been coveting the IK Wrap Styles for awhile now. It's not one of the books available at the library, and I so wanted to make a couple of wraps. I've visited the book on a number of occasions and finally picked it up (the one remaining copy -- I felt that if it were still there, I'd get it since I had a 50% off coup). No, seriously, I'd go visit the book. Pick it up and walk around with it for awhile, then put it down again, 'cause, you know, I've not worn a wrap since I was 8 years old and my mother made me a yellow poncho with a multi-colour strip in the middle, and it had fringe. And it was acrylic -- I'm suspecting it was Red Heart or something similar. I have nothing against petrochemical ponchos, I wore that thing for years...Anyway, I'd go to the store and see that yes, they still had the book, but did I need that book?

Why, yes I did. I'll be making a project from this book for at least one person on my xmas list.

I'm starting with the shetland lace. It doesn't use much yarn and it's an easy pattern to memorize. Of course, remember when I first started lace and was amazed and confounded by folks that, wow, can remember the pattern. Well, I've become one of those folks. yeah for me.

Here's the specs:
Start date: 10/8/06
Finish date: 10/11/06
yarn: blue angora yarn (same as black but blue) 1 ball
blocking: 10/13/06

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Stefaneener said...

And how long did it take? I'm still muddleheaded with simple lace. Let's see -- after 60 repeats of a simple diamond, I could mostly do it with some checking. Mostly. But I still mess up.

Someday, someday! I know what you need abou twondering if you still need a book -- I've decided it's an indulgence I can countenance. Good for you.