Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Linen bookmark

I've revisited the bookmark making thing since I've decided I like lace. I have some linen laceweight yarn and thought I'd make this bookmark.

I used 100% linen yarn
#1 plastic straights.
pattern from the internet -- starts as 1 stitch on the bottom and each row starts as a YO

I thought I had #1 Addis but they were in fact #2. I swatched this yarn (actually, more like string) on #4, #3, and #1. The 4s were a little too lacy for a bookmarker, but if I decide to make a larger project w/ the linen yarn, I may opt for the larger needle. I blocked it and now it's soft, so I'll have to stiffen it w/ whatever concoction folks use to make crochet snowflakes and angels (which I'll be attempting soon).

I liked the pattern, but the first thing z&a's dad said when he saw it was that it looked phallic.

btw--the book it's on is Omnivore's Dilemma. You'll never think about food in the same way again...(or at least that's what z&a's dad says -- I bought him that book for his birthday).

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Stefaneener said...

That makes me want to march back to my local yarn store and snatch up a ball of linen laceweight there on sale. What a great idea for presents, etc.

Must think about that.

It's really nice.

Also, I have the book on request from the library. I like his other works, too.