Monday, June 12, 2006

Time passing and zero knitting and other ramblings

Can't believe that it's been so long since I've posted. As the title says, I've done nada, zero, zippo knitting. But I have been reading knitting blogs, does that count?

It never fails to amaze me all the folks who knit and blog. How do they have time to knit amazingly beautiful garments on super small needles and tricky yarn in a few days (really, I exaggerate not). And they turn out beautiful? The sweaters, the gloves, the tops and even skirts...what's with that? skirt that's hand-knitted? AND then to take pictures, shrink down to size, then post and write about said garments -- and even write up the pattern, in multiple sizes?!

What's even more amazing are all the multi-tasking multi-talented knitters that also sew. The last time I sewed a garment, I was in maybe 6th grade and I sewed literally a burlap sack dress and ruined my grandmother's sewing machine. It was a rectangle with arm holes cut out. My mother didn't help me 'cause she thought I said a dress for a doll, not one that fit I winged it. Anyway, it looked pretty bad.

Oh, and there was the time I was going to sew a dress for myself (having blocked out previous traumatic experience) and didn't realize things like bias cut or super stretchy material or that maybe stripes would not be the easiest pattern to match up for a dress. Again, a disaster. I think maybe the material and the pattern may still be at my mom's house ( 25 yrs later). Naw, mom's most likely thrown it out already.

Speaking of throwing things out, we've got a big project coming up and our basement is full of stuff. That whole thing about Nature abhors a vacuum? Well, apparently so does my basement and shed. They're full of stuff. What's even worse is that we've got tons of empty boxes. I guess the thought was that when we were done with 'it', it could go back in it's original box, but when really, would you put a 8 year old microwave oven back in it's original box? Or the barbeque? or 20" TV? Really, these are some of the empty boxes at our house. To make matters worse, they've been stacked on top of each other, not nested, nope, on top of each other. Maybe it's because both z's dad and I (note to self, now it's z&a's dad) lived for so long in apartments and gee, you never know when you're going to move again and need to put things back in the boxes...NOT. Since our goal is not to move for a very very long time, I think that the appliances will break before we actually need to rebox them to move.

So, this weekend, I donned some gloves (in case of spiders and other crawlies) and did some excavating. I found a bottle of unopened sparkling water from 1998 along with candy and popcorn from that same era. I know it was from that year because it was in a box from 3 jobs ago. I found my college transcript (shudder)...I'm not sure how I got into grad school with those grades. In fact, had I read the requirements more carefully for graduate schools, I probably wouldn't have bothered to apply (apparently, I didn't meet grade requirements). It was a good thing I tested really well on the GREs.

So, what made it out to the trash? Nothing yet. I did manage to get my Alumni sticker out and put that on the car. And I took the pictures. The transcript was too horrid and I put it back in the box to await rediscovery in another 10 years.

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