Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Knitting while Bjorning/Slinging

So, I have another one of those children. You know, the ones that seem like they're easy babies? Sleeps through most of the night, sleeps in the car seat, cries for a reason like hunger or poopie diaper... or in this case, if the baby is set down during the day. What this means is that both my children have been carried around alot while they're babies. I had forgotten that I carried z all the time. I'd also forgotten that we had figured out that apparently, by definition, what we do is called attachment parenting. This means that feeding's on the baby's schedule, sleeping is co-sleeping and very big on the family bed(we try not to do that, but we definitely find children in our bed in the mornings), and the baby's carried whenever the baby wants. And attachment parented babies are usually 'worn' by the parent, usually involving some cloth contraption that straps the child to the parent. I myself own 3 slings, a baby bjorn, and 2 back packs.

The bjorn works well for computer surfing. However, I'm having a heck of a time trying to knit like this. Not that knitting is the most ergonomically task around, but to have to stretch your arms around a baby strapped to your chest is not a good thing. Slings work a tad better for knitting. The baby's a little ball off to the side and you can get stuff done.

Altho' my other alternative is to pop her into her car seat. That also seems to work fairly well. But only sometimes and not for too long.

What am I working on? why I'm working on projects that got interrupted when I went into the hospital. I did manage to knit a bit while on bed rest before, but I had to take a break from just keeping my fingers busy and instead, engaged my brain and did alot of reading.

So, while folks suggest that you should sleep when the baby sleeps, this mom will be trying to knit instead.

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