Monday, June 26, 2006

I knitted something!

Amazingly, I actually knitted something. What is that something? Well, it's a dishcloth for the husband. Made from cotton (Sugar'n Cream Natural) using Grandma's favorite dishcloth pattern. Ya'll know that one, k2, YO, k, YO, k2. Makes a diagonal square. In fact, I received a beautiful baby blanket using that pattern.

About this dishcloth: I've made him a couple already. The first one he thought was too closely knit and turned out too bulky to use on some items(I used #7 on SnC yarn). So, I've been using #9 or #10 needles and knitting loosely.

Well, last week, I ran the garbage disposal and it didn't run. I thought it was kaput. He investigated and found that the old dishcloth was jamming the mechanism and was a gonner (the dishcloth, not the disposal). I told him I'd make him another one and while he was away this weekend on the annual rafting trip, and while the children were sleeping, I actually whipped the dishcloth out.

As for the rafting trip, he's been going since he was in highschool, and when I met him, I got to go too. Since A wasn't due until May 23, we had thought a month post-partum w/ c-section was not consistent with rafting. And by the time A was born, well, the rafting trip was already all set up. Maybe next year.

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