Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Thanks for the good wishes

I'd like to thank all the folks at the SnB for the good wishes. I was able to stop by w/ A not this last Monday (being Memorial Day and all) but the Monday before that to say hello to the ladies that were there. And she totally behaved herself. Okay, she slept the whole time and didn't poop or cry.

Stopping by reminded me that I should pick up my knitting again. But w/ the warmish weather I'm not feeling like picking up wooly yarn. I may have to finish secret project (not out of wool) or start a cotton project.

Well, now that the big ginormous belly is no more, I should think about knitting something for self. When I was pregnant, I didn't want to knit a maternity sweater because I wouldn't wear it that long. In hindsight, I wouldn't have worn it since I was in the hospital for a month plus. Add to that A was 3 weeks early (with that original threat of being 11 weeks early). Not to mention that after I found out I had placenta previa, I wouldn't have wanted to get blood on it. But my original reason for not knitting a maternity sweater back when I first found out was that I simply didn't want to invest that much yarn and time to making a big giant pumpkin sweater (like the Perry Ellis Bubble sweater -- oh, my goodness!), 'specially since there are actually some pretty cute maternity clothes out there ( gotta love GAP and Old Navy). Well, that was before I saw what else was out there. There are 2 patterns that are pretty ingenious. There's the 'Before and After' sweater from Canadian Living that consists of a cardigan and a triangular panel that you can take off post-baby. That would have been okay. And there's the other sweater from Summer 2006, Interweave magazine. Now that is cute. Had I seen that sweater, it would have been done. It's a ribbed pull-over with buttons on the side for expansion. How cool is that?!

Anyway, I'll work on project secret while thinking about what cottony goodness to knit up.

btw-- too lazy to post pics of the sweater, y'all just google it, okay?

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