Monday, April 03, 2006

TV knitting siting!

I was watching the chick-centric 'Grey's Anatomy' and there was Mer and Izzie knitting 'cause they took vows of celebacy. Well, Izzie knitting a sweater in one day, AND being able to wear it for 3 hours before handing it over to Denny was pretty darn TV-fantasy (okay, maybe I'm just jealous that someone could finish off a sweater in a day...but still!) Well, maybe it was because she had Addi Turbos to work with... Can that be done? a man's sized sweater completed in one day?

As for Meredith, man, she's not very good at knitting (on the show, anyway). That was no sweater she was knitting. It was a really long wide scarf...but the yarn did look interesting.

My final comment is what is wrong with knitting in a bar? Okay, maybe you shouldn't be knitting at the bar itself, but I see nothing wrong w/ sitting at a table knitting, but hey, that's just me.

And yes, these are just characters on TV, but still...what if nonknitters now want sweaters in a hurry?

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Nik said...

i agree with you. Izzy had to have used a knitting machine *lol* that was WAAAAY to fast. *lol*