Sunday, April 09, 2006

Another TV rant - cooking

I was catching up on the 'Top Chef' on Bravo and the chefs on the show sort of irked me. The show is based in SF, a destination for good foods, 4 star restaurants, and amazing ethnic foods and super fresh produce, yet they can't seem to wrap their brains around the fact that maybe their 'clientele' ( folks in the Bay Area) actually enjoy good food and have discerning palates.

I mean, it's annoying that the chefs on the show felt they needed to dumb-down to the kids when they had a challenge to feed children. Really, z's favorite foods are chicken tikki masala, char sui bao, and sui mai, and sushi (yes, even the raw type), and he's 3 yrs old.

And on another segment, they fed the Jr. League of Oakland and one chef in particular was just a boor. Please...tamales from Oaxaca, etc. East Bay has Gourmet Ghetto, Fremont Asian, International Avenue Latino, and Berkeley Bowl (where the chefs shop at), and they think that folks 'don't get' good food?!

And don't even get me started on their fusion Latin-something else street food...

However, this show is better than the show on Food Channel, where they are looking for a TV personality that maybe can cook. Again, maybe it's me, but don't you think you should know how to fillet a fish if you're going to become a TV chef? And julliene is not that novel of a term, is it? If you watched the TV cooking shows, you'd pick up that term. I guess that goes to show you that you don't have to actually know how to cook in order to host your own TV cooking show.

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kat said...

oh man...i know what you mean. plus doesn't it annoy you that none of the contestants on top chef are from here. the judges from here are nice & rough though! the house they live in is down the street from my place & its fun to figure out where they are... by the way i used to like stephen but now i want to slap him!

as for the next food network star...i've decide that DB & i are trying out next time. we've got more food knowledge than half of these peopel & a better show idea!