Sunday, April 02, 2006

Hat Trick

Sorry, this isn't a post about how to knit a purty warm hat...but rather, another post about my 'complications'.

Apparently, 'hat trick' is a sports term that initiated from cricket. Yeah, it's some sports analogy that z's dad used alot this week, 'cause I took another ambulance ride to the hospital. Three's a charm, right? Well, good news is that I only had to stay until Saturday.

What was sad/funny was that the 911 operator recognized z's dad's voice when he called. Furthermore, I got to chat w/ the friendly paramedic, Josh, some more about his wife and kid and the fact that I wanted to make sure I had a 18 gauge IV put in, while enroute to the hospital. This time, we were smart and I was hanging out in our hallway to facilitate getting me into the ambulance. And they were smart because they first put me on a tarp before strapping me into the gurney. (I have a feeling that they had a huge clean up on their brand new gurney last time--the nurses had commented on that).

Anyway, while there, I managed to finish off the other sleeve of Bpt cardi and tried it on. It's a tad wide at the armpit area, but we'll see. I just have to do the hood and finish off the bottom as well as the trim on the sleeves. I wonder if I can block the sweater before I finish it off to make sure that I don't have gorilla sleeves...

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