Wednesday, January 04, 2006

New Year projects

Well, I finished the clogs and got some advice on fulling them. (Sorry no pics yet, but they'll come when I get my act together and actually shrink these suckers).

My goal (end date to be determined) is to finish z's dad's sweater. I'm cruising -- uhmm...only 10 more inches of in the round knitting until I move onto the sleeves...

I had breakfast w/ some friends this weekend (on Jan 1) where they ate -- I didn't 'cause I had eaten earlier. And it was great. k who knits was wearing her very cool purple sweater. It looked warm and soft. Also, several of us had on scarves. How cool is that. Anyway, I think that after the sweater, I'm going to finish off my first cardi (it still needs buttons and I'm not too happy w/ the trim) and maybe I'll work on another sweater for self.

On the bummer note, z told me this morning that he wanted a blue sweater, but not the one that mommy made...I guess that may be it for awhile for me knitting for z, then.

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