Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Happy Knitting Anniversary to Me (this weekend)

What a great turnout at the SnB. Gee, Julie's was packed with folks w/ yarn goodness. There were socks, scarfs, afghans, booties, sweaters, and I don't even know what else.

Me?! I'm still toiling on z's dad's sweater. But I see a glimmer of a light. I think I'm actually at the point of ribbing for the bottom. Altho' I still need to find out if that's the bottom he wants or a rolled bottom. Then it's off to the sleeves.

I'm hoping that this sweater gets done before or on our annual ski trip weekend coming up this Friday. We stay at a huge house w/ several other families and while some of the folks go off to ski, the rest of us hang out and relax. It was on this trip last year that I learned to knit from a great friend (and enabler), P. We even made a trip down to Truckee to the great yarn store Jimmy Bean.

Whether I finish his sweater or not, I think I should bring a couple of other projects to work on. Maybe I'll (gasp) try socks again. At least I'll bring the stuff for socks.

btw--I managed to find the camera so I'll have pics for you soon.

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