Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Picovoli II on Spinner

As soon as I got the cone holder working, I thought I had to knit something fast. I had in my stash Crystal Palace cotton on a cone and I thought I need myself a tank as the weather's getting warmer. I figured I'd make another picovoli since I'm not sure I have enough yarn. Since this is a top-down one piece pattern, I figure that I'll try it and if doesn't work, well, there's always the frog pond. Most importantly, I don't have to cut the yarn. I just have to knit round and round and voila! tank--OR--no tank and cone again.

Of course my gauge is off. Of course. Grumperina suggests a gauge of 22st/inch for this. I got 16 on this yarn. So, with my spidey powers, I worked out the calculations and cast on.

Here's the finished Picovoli:

Yarn: CP Monterey cotton
Amount used: almost the whole cone (420yds/cone)
needles: US8, US9
started 4/21/07
finished 4/27/07
Modifications: gauge mods and I switched to a larger needle after the waist shaping.

The only issue I had was that right at the end of this top, there was a knot in the yarn. I lost about a yard of yarn because I wanted to have the knot on the side.

The only other issue is this. I wore it today and it's dragging (the armholes have gotten larger). Oh, drats! I just finished weaving the ends in, so I'm not in a huge hurry to frog the thing and redo it. I may have to wear another tank underneath. Oh, well.

Edited to add: hmmm...don't think I'll try to take my own picture again...hmmm

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Stefaneener said...

The color is great and I bet layering it over another tank would work really well.