Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mom's Day!

Happy Mother's Day!

For me, this has been a super good day so far. I got to sleep in (yes!) and z&a's dad took the children away to the living room. Then I went to the gym and did a gnarly spin class(not that kind of spin, the cycling one). Then I stopped at a garage sale and purchased a new to us jogging stroller for A. And when I got home, there was a wonderful card and lots of chocolates!

Knitting-wise, I'm working on a white tomato from 'No Sheep' without the stripe across the sweater. We'll see how it turns out...yes, I realize that I might as well go to Target and purchase a white top, but you know, this is more interesting. The yarn is a 100% merc cotton from Plymouth. And it's a pita to knit with, mainly because to get gauge, I've had to drop from a recommended US8 to US6 -- and I still have to tighten every stitch.

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