Friday, November 11, 2005

Oakland yarn shop and food

Took a little trip to Oakland yarn shop yesterday, hoping for some creative knitting mojo...well, the good news is that I didn't purchase any yarn, but you know, I just wasn't that inspired...but I did stop at my favorite bakery Bake Sale Betty and finally got their fried chicken sandwich. Ohmyfriggingoodness, it's pretty darn good. Highly recommend. And the folks there are just so nice. I've gotten their super delicious scones from the Alameda Farmer's market, but they weren't there this week. sadness.

So, while I was in the Temescal area, went down to check out their brick and mortar store. The sample I got (they're super wonderful about giving out samples) was their lemon bar. If I can make lemon bars like oh my.

Anyway, I did break down and get a pair of Addis of the right length for z's dad sweater. I'm hoping that the sweater will now knit itself.

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