Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Can you believe it? a post!

Well, I'm not sure when I'm going to get out of this knitting funk. But just because I haven't been knitting doesn't mean that I haven't been reading about knitting. Naw, not like knitting mags or books or anything like that (see, that would be constructive--seeing purty new things I could be knitting), nope. I've been reading knitting blogs. You know, marveling at how folks can crank out sweater after sweater after sock after sock. You all know that I still have that half finished sock in my well as z's dad sweater and z's two sweaters...(sigh)

But I was surfing a non-knitting site (cynical-c) and came across knitted zombies on flicker! How cool is that! The person that has the collection of knitted dawn of the dead characters also knitted Mr. Zippy, the monkey seen on (which I love and am planning on making uh, soon as I get my knitting mojo back). You know that the internet world is getting much smaller. Kinda like 6 degree of separation of Kevin Bacon, but in the 'e world'.

Me, I'm still working on the sweater...

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