Friday, November 11, 2005

It's my Birthday!

Wow! Can't believe I'm this old. sigh.

I did already get the happy birthday song from both z's dad (last night) and z (this morning). I'm just amazed that z, at 2 2/3 years old, can and does sing the happy birthday song, and insert the right name (momma) in the song. Maybe it's me, but you kinda think about how you don't really have memories of when you were 2, yet you have the cognitive abilities to memorize a song, and sing it, and alter it (in tune, sort of). Blows my mind.

We get to go do fun stuff today and this week, so I'll blog later.

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Janey said...

Reminds me of a really sweet birthday present I got some years ago.
On my birthday, my sister and her brood arrived at my house. And I was invited to listen at the opened car window.
My sister's kids were aged four, three and one --- and at least two of them sang Happy Birthday to me, with mostly the right words. (The youngest just burbled along as he was wont to do at that age.)
Quite a present and I still remember it twenty years later!