Thursday, November 06, 2008

New Anna magazine and Lily of the Valley

While at the Lacis lace knitting group this weekend, I got to check out their wonderful books (including the Estonia book). On my way out, I spied w/ my eyes the new North American Anna Burda magazine. hmmm...

Yep, I came home w/ it. I also decided that this little doily needed to be knit with 100/2 linen thread. (I did mention that there's a gap in my small needles collection and I don't have 0000 circs). So, I pulled out my 000, and got started.

Anna Lily o Valley in progress
The start is on 16 stitches, and I just couldn't do it w/ dpns. So I modified the start by casting on 8 stitches, and the next round, increasing to 16. Pretty easy knit but I did curse the k5tog...okay, not so much except last night, when I was on row 81, only to realize that I missed one of those k5tog back in row 77! From row 77 to 81, it's just stockinette, but there was no way I could drop down and knit that 5 stitches together (oh shoot). I ended up tinking back to row 78 -- yes, that is over 1800 stitches (thank goodness it was all stockinette). Then as I was crochet casting off, I managed to yank ~50 stitches off the needle...yikes. Anyhow, here's the finished blocked item.

Anna Lily o Valley complete

Anna Lily o Valley closeup
As for the 100/2 linen? It has a little wee bit of slub, but that was it (definitely not like thicker linens I've used). I don't think I'll be knitting our kitchen curtains with the 100/2...the thought of 000 needles for curtains (sigh). I think I'll stick w/ the huge thing of 40/2 linen. One thing of note is that the linen thread is much more unforgiving than Cordonnet. You see all that unevenness of the stockinette? Some of that came about in the blocking.

Right after I knit myself a pair of socks (shh...I'm going to knit these. They have DNA on the side).


fleegle said...

That is truly sweet. I am waiting for my issue to arrive. I won't knit that one, but who knows what will come in the next issue :)fi

StringPlay said...

As usual, another truly beautiful piece! And such lacy edges, too.
I wonder if you could tell me more about the new Anna? I hopped over to the Lacis online catalog and didn't spot anything that I thought was it. If you could describe it a bit more perhaps I can be on the lookout for it. THANKS so much.

Jeanne said...

That is just gorgeous - wow!

Jane said...

That looks really great. I guess I was asleep and missed that I could get that magazine :-) I'm glad I'm not the only one who notices those slubs in the the linen threads. It still came out wonderfully.

Soo said...

Phew - I'm so behind in blog reading - can't believe how much you've accomplished while I've been away! Beautiful work as always.

I looked for the Anna magazine when I was home in Canada but didn't find a copy.... oh well, I love a quest!