Tuesday, September 02, 2008


I actually finished Lyra a couple of days ago. But when I went to look at it preblocking, I realized there were stains on the white cotton. Drats. Double Drats. Anyway, it spent a day in time out, and then another night in oxyclean. As I pinned it out, I realized there are additional stains. I'm not sure how that came to be (am sure it had nothing to do w/ the fact that this was toted EVERYWHERE).

From the closeup, you can see where the binding occurs. Remember, I did not change needles, fuss or muss with the pattern at all. It is knitted as originally written. I didn't even bother changing the needle size at row 113 as per Anna Burda version.

I've got to agree w/ many folks that have knitted this beauty, it's not the most difficult Niebling, but it's quite a fun little knit (altho' I found the leaf edging a pita-- so up to the leaf edging very fun). I opted to knit the square version, but had a heck of a time trying to block it out to the square shape.

Anyway, here's the pic and specs:

lyra square
Patern: Lyra by Herbert Niebling (Anna Burda magazine)
Started August 12 2008
Completed August 31 2008
thread: Cordonnet #100 2.1 balls
needles: 0000dpns 000circs (32in)
mods: none. no needle change, no additional stitch, nada. See, you can see where there's binding. Yes. There is binding when you knit Lyra with thread.

eta: this is much smaller than other folks Lyra since I used #100 thread with 000 needles.


fleegle said...

Utterly, completely, magnificent! And I can't see the stains from here :)

StringPlay said...

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Great job!

Soo said...


Lyra is still my favourite lace knit - I loved every second of it and was completely obsessed. Whenever I see one I'm tempted to cast on for it again!

Stefaneener said...

It just glows. And I'm still somewhat in awe.

=Tamar said...

Glorious work!
My mother had great success using
lemon juice and sunlight to remove
stains from lace found at yard sales. Check the old Helpful Hints type of books for that kind of thing.