Friday, September 12, 2008

Erbstullgrund and Lacis lace meeting

This month's meeting at Lacis was without our fearless leader, Mary Frances. But as usual, it was interesting and fun. I got to show off my Lyra and a friend of mine is doing her Lyra with Habu merino -- nice!

I started Estullgrund there and worked on it off and on this week. What fun! I've seriously got to say this is one of the funnest Niebling's I've done--ever. There aren't endless rounds of hex mesh, just enough...a few knit 5 togethers...and yes, even ONE crossed stitch per section.

It would have been done earlier, but I stalled out on the edging region. I could not make heads or tails from the instructions. I figured you needed to do some make1's and that your final stitch count should be 101 stitches, but neither Babelfish nor Google translate was very helpful. I did end up googling this pattern and emailing a knitter that also knit this. I received her notes and voila, edging.

But then tragedy. I realized there's no way I'd have enough to finish the edging. I used a partial ball of thread figuring I'd have enough. No problem. Shortened it and bound off.

Started August 6 2008
Completed August 10 2008
thread: Manuela No. 10 thread
amt: .9 balls
pattern: Burda 908/42 Erbstullgrund
mods: changed the edging by making it smaller


Soo said...

Lovely! Glad the yarn shortage didn't cause too much angst.

Chery said...

Beautiful lace.

fleegle said...

Short and very sweet!

Diane said...

Looks wonderful!

Stefaneener said...

So beautiful. Our homeschooling group keeps talking about a mom's trip to Lacis. We'll see if it happens.