Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Happy Birthday, my sweet baby girl!

Why was I not at Maker Faire this weekend? Well, I have a birthday party this weekend for my wonderful little Creature A.

This year, we decided on cupcake cake and a party at the park. And we opted to supplement the store cake w/ home-made minicupcakes. I saw these on this site and had to try them. They are so cute!

Okay, ...I've made flourless chocolate cake from scratch, cookies, cream puffs, English toffee, tortes, tarts, cakes, etc...but I've never made cupcakes!

So, first attempt. Utter failure. I read that you're to fill the cup anywhere from 1/2 to 2/3 full. Yep, I opted for the 2/3 full. Oh, what a mess. (nothing to see here...please keep moving...)
Try II. Went to get more of the mini-nut holders and big box M store did not have any! Did find them finally and made these.

Note how I went the other way this time and filled everything only to half. And the white cake shrank! Ah, well. Trusty intarweb told me that I can add more frosting to compensate. Aha.
Here's what they look like after frosting.

We got a store cupcake cake (only served 14) and you guessed it, only the adults ate the itty bitty cakes. The kids all went for the big giant cupcakes. Anyway, the party was loads of fun, for everyone but you guessed it, little Miss Creature. She didn't feel good in the morning, and napped (very unlike her) in the morning. She was a bit clingy but we put it down to party stress...nope. As we were loading stuff up to go home, yep, there was erpage.
As for the nut holder cups? Went to MickyD's today and they had literally stacks of them...darn, I wish I had known, wouldn't have needed to traipse all over town looking for these suckers. Could have just used the Double Arches ketchup cups.
Okay, back to knitting.

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Stefaneener said...

Now that's one for the record book. I think birthday parties are the work of the devil. But the mini cakes look great. I may have to try those.