Monday, April 28, 2008

Update on KAL and Happy Happy Happy

Just a quick update on the KAL fiasco, as flutter says, yes, that's the designer. But I did get a chuckle from someone else's post (which will likely get deleted on the board), turns out her other job a psychic. The poster made a snark about how if she was good at her job, she should have foreseen this (almost made me spray my monitor with my Diet Coke). hee. I thought it was funny.

eta: Thanks for all the comments!

Anyway, onward to fun stuff. Saturday, I and the girl went up to Color: A festival of fiber. I wish I had signed up for the spinning class before hand, since the classes were full when we got there, but I did manage to check out Girl On the Rock's tutorial about weaving using a mini-loom. What fun (except when A thought it would be funny to run away from mom on several occasions - sigh). In between the chasing, I did manage to make this cell phone doohicky.

So very cool. I now must go find this loom. They're right now going for ~$30-60 a pop. I'm thinking more in the $15 range...I'd make one, but it would be nice to have one in front of me to check it out first.

And they had amazing lovely roving. It's really too bad I can't spin (yet). So I didn't buy any roving. I looked and petted and even allowed A to pet (after I checked that she had clean fingers of course). I also arranged to meet up with the lovely marlowec from Ravelry who yay, gave me some lovely sock yarn. And she was super nice and gave A pineapple.

But after a bit, A was losing it (no nap) and we had to leave. Actually, I don't think we could have done the spinning class. All that whirling and twirling would have sent little A into uber-creature mode. It was a small gathering, but very cool. I hope they do it again (and often).

Then on Sunday, I went to the local library to meet up w/ Ravelry folks. And what was a special treat was that a lace knitting friend who dropped off family at the airport was able to come by and knit with us.

So, pretty productive weekend of fiber. I am now working on the 4 out of 5 rows on the swirly stole (I of course modified the pattern and it's a few less circles/row. I really like it since it's portable and super easy pattern to remember (ask me again when I'm weaving in bazillion ends).

swirl shawl progress 042808


Anonymous said...

i like your shawl...i purchased that pattern. but somehow got messed up in my head. couldn't figure out which side to pick up the stitches from. sometimes over thinking a project really stops all progress.
ps...i misread susan's new lace group web page. thought it said 10$ per week..could have sworn it did. maybe she changed it. doesn't matter. she threw quite the pity party and frankly blew the trust issue. especially after she DID say the border was not included first time she says it is but has "NO IDEA where people got that" from. from her. makes me wonder how many other times she'll keep changing things. so closing and charging, then changing plans..what's next? if the pattern is that great i'll but it out right. but paying 10$ sight unseen on a lady that i have trust issues with is not going to happen. good luck with the sirl ends. ;)

fleegle said...

Love the swirly shawl!

What is the KAL pattern? I want to see it :)

Stefaneener said...

Hey I missed you at the festival. Thing 2 wants a mini-loom too, so I'm going to have to check them out.