Friday, April 13, 2007

Swap-a-rama goodies

I finally discovered this thing called swapping. What a great idea. You've got some stuff that you got whenever, and now you see some stuff that you want that someone is trying to get rid of, and you exchange your stuff. How cool is that? Anyway, I went through a sock craze a bit back (peaked when pregnant w/ a) where I was acquiring sock yarn, sock knitting implements, etc. But now, even with all the lovely socks out there, I'm sort of not that interested. I might be interested in some of the cool lace socks, maybe...

So, anyways, I find folks that want my sock stuff and want to exchange other stuff (like lace yarn and funky patterns) for my sock stuff. Cool!

here's my cool swapped stuff. I think z&a's dad might think I bought this stuff, but I didn't. I got other stuff awhile ago and have shipped those away to get more different stuff. Although, I think that at this point, I may (gulp) have enough laceweight yarn (of all types) to last me for awhile. The only picture I don't have is the gossamer (Knitpicks) that I received. I've wanted to try Knitpick's laceweight, and when it was offered up, well, I had something to trade for it.

This yarn is Brown sheep cotton/wool laceweight. And the patterns are some vintage patterns. But I don't know if you can see the very very cool stitch markers that came with the patterns. They are gorgeous! That wasn't originally part of the trade, but she added them in since there was a discrepancy with swapped items. I love the stitch markers. I will definitely use them.

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hungrytree said...

Where do you swap? Is it an online site or a local thing?