Thursday, April 12, 2007

Bianca Fini

Milestones on this one.
1) a Finished Object
2) a sweater!
3) One that fits.
4) I like it
5)most importantly, one that I'll wear (in fact, it's already been worn, and I've not even blocked it)

Pattern: IK Fall 2006
yarn: Crystal Palace Flamme (100% merc cotton)
amount: less than 7 balls
Completion time: March 30, 2007-April 9, 2007
modifications: no major change*. 5 buttons instead of 6.

*I think the charts were incorrect. As written, there's an extra ridge in the lace pattern. I worked on the sleeves at the same time on the same needles and finished the first lace pattern, went on with the 2nd, realized it didn't look like the picture, and decided that was going to be my little modification. The first lace pattern has a ridge in the sleeves (not the yoke). It looked fine, so I just kept going, ignoring that one line and purled on the wrong side.

My gauge was off (smaller), so I made a large instead of medium. It's a tad big, could have made it in a medium. Would like to make the bottom as one piece instead of 3. Very annoying--that seaming the panels. Magically, the sweater actually fits, albeit a tad large, even with the row gauge definitely being off.

I did have another modification with the buttons. I found (in my button stash, no less), these cork resin buttons. See how perfect they are for this sweater? I even had six buttons, but I decided on five. Anyway, I had finished off the button loops for six and decided that the buttons were always going to be slipping out, so I only did 2 chains w/ crochet hook and I really like it.

Oh, yes. This sweater took me NINE days to finish! I'm straining trying to pat my own back...


alltangledup said...

Bianca is is absolutely gorgeous. well done to finish it only 9 days. As to your point with joining the body in 3 as opposed to 1 piece, I was thinking that the designer did this to avoid issues with joining bigger pieces, which tend to result in the stitches getting very stretched. After the knitting, you just mattress stitch from write to hem on body and the seam prevents the farbic from biasing. I think that's why, but until I try it I can't be sure if my suspicions are correct

Bluetwo said...

I found your site because I, too, had been thinking of doing Bianca in CP cotton flamme! Funny that we should both pick the same 'different' yarn. In fact, what did you think about working with Cotton rather than the Muench Sir Galli like the pattern suggested??

Doing Bianca in 9 days... AMAZING.

z's momma said...

Hi bluetwo,
I enjoy working with cotton, so this was fine. The only thing is that I don't recommend using bamboo needles--way too sticky. I've never worked with the suggested yarn, so...

It's a very fast knit. I knit the two front panels at the same time. Then I knit the two sleeves at the same time. That's how I was able to knit it so quickly.

knitten kitten said...

Bianca looks great! Love to see a modelled shot!