Thursday, March 08, 2007

My take on the new Knitty

Boy! Am I lazy?! How many posts now don't show knitting?

Well, here's another one. I just perused the new and what to say?'s okay. If you love socks, then this one's for you. Lovely sock patterns. I really like bmp (but not enough to knit it). And if you like girl stuff, this one's for you. Yes, I probably should be more thrilled about the girly items and such, but I'm just not a big believer in knitting something very small that gets outgrown in 2 minutes. But I did like that there's a pattern made with Caron Simply Soft (or Woolease). Good for you, Knitty! But boo hiss on the $30+ toddler sweaters. (That is unless you're my 'auntie' and you've knit these lovelies for my children, then I say, wow, how beautiful! and Thank You! And they'll wear it at least once, even if I have to pin them down to put them in them -- for pictures).

As for the adult sweaters, they're okay. Cute sweater, ribena, but did they have to use discontinued yarn? There was no way to use something that could actually be purchased? I guess I'm just noticing the yarns Knitty patterns are actually knitted with. Once, just one time, I would like to a) use the suggested yarn b) not break the bank when picking out said yarn. I like More Stripes, at least the concept of the steeked vest. But I can tell you that this vest is not flattering for certain body types...okay, mine (shudder). My favorite sweater is the lace one, Isabella. How beautiful! How dainty! How insane to ask me to knit a mostly stockinette stitch sweater with US3 needles and fingering yarn. But darn, it's purty.

What I will knit is palette (without the hand spun yarn). I like the lace and I need to make a scarf for my sister. Bauble would be fun too.

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pigbook1 said...

i can't find the bison shawl where did you see it?