Sunday, March 18, 2007


I was reading the Gilmore Girls KAL and was inspired by Mandie's cabled purse to make this.
I followed the directions from this site after I got frustrated looking for spytastic.blogspot (this blog no longer exists?).

Anyway, here's the specs:
yarn: 100% wool doubled (LB's Fisherman's wool)
needles: US10 tight.
cable repeats: 7
time for completion: knit in one evening? Another day for lining.
dimensions: 11in width X 6in height (without the bamboo handles - small D style)
Hand sewn lining ( I am not a sewer and do not own a sewing machine*)
The handles were attached with whip stitch (I think that's what it's called)
1 yard of ribbon to finish it off.

*we have a little itty bitty one that I can't use properly.

Other than that, followed the directions. Cast on 38 stitches, etc. This was a fast knit. Reminder to self: must alternate lace knitting with instant gratification knitting.

So, I was looking for a gift for a 10 year old and couldn't find anything appropriate. I also wasn't going to knit her a sweater, don't go there. Anyway, I hope she likes it.

I still need to knit myself another purse. My Lucy is looking a bit frayed. Time for it to go back in the washer.

While looking for this cabled purse pattern, I came across some lovelies. However, I have some specific ideas. I really like to form from the doctor's bag from Knit2gether, but I want it felted. I am in the process of deciding what type of yarn to use. I may just use my old Paton wool yarn because I really like the green they have (not to mention I've felted so much with this yarn that I am finally getting an idea of the properties of the yarn. But who knows. Kinda like the one from IK, but maybe not the felted intarsia flowers. Pretty, tho'.


Sus said...

The purse looks really great, and the cables really pop! I'm sure she will love it. I may have to try one of those one of these days.

sandra said...

Great bag! Great knitting!

Anonymous said...

I think all little girls love bags. That sure is cute. Of course, you've spoiled her for life and the little girl will be a bag addict from now on.... ;-P

- MJ

Joni said...

I love the purse!