Saturday, November 14, 2009

On the edge

One edging, border done (and center). And now, just 3 more edgings and borders. The 2nd edging went quite fast, many thanks to my friend L with KnitVis (he recharted the edging).

But picking up the over 365 stitches was a total pain. I totally spaced and just picked up the stitches at the bar...couldn't for the life of me get any where near that number of stitches...ack! it was so easy the first time. Yanked and retried and picking up stitches where I know you're not supposed to, just trying to make up the numbers. Spent a good deal of a morning to do that...before the epiphany.

psst...reread the following page where it says to YO in addition to the knit. sigh.

Okay, onward to border II.

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