Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Bad case of startitis

Who me? There's just so many beautiful patterns out there that I must try...

Let's see what's on the needles right now, shall we?

Exhibit 1: Adaptation of Niebling doily (E903_09 -- Magnolie / Frühlingsblumen).
e903_09 progress
I'm actually more than half way done, but have decided to rip out a huge bunch of rows because I had previously added on extra leaves.

I originally thought that this oval pattern knits along the long axis of the oval. But as I continued the pattern, it was clear that the knit was along the edge of the short axis. I added the leaves to increase the wingspan of the shawl. As I continue knitting, it's become clear to me that this will result in a very misshapen shawl. So to the frog pond it goes. I'm really liking this yarn, tho'. It's Colourmart 50/50 cashmere/wool. Lovely amazing stuff.

If you look closely, you can see a lifeline I put in (yep, was thinking back then that this might be necessary).
e903_09 ripping

Exhibit 2: Since I had to rip, I decided to use my pretty green yarn and make a lace purse. I've checked out the new Mason-Dixon book, and they made a sweet little lace purse with the bleeding heart pattern. I thought I'd try a new-to-me Estonian lace pattern that incorporates lace and cables instead.
lace purse in progress
I like how it's turning out, but I'm a tad concerned that it's not going to block out right. Hee, not that you can see the lace pattern here.

Which leads us to...

Exhibit 3: lace scarf
I actually really like this simple, yet effective pattern. So I had a couple of ball of Kidsilk haze (aka crack) and casted on for a scarf using the same pattern.

twisted lace in progress closeup

Here's the in-progress scarf:
twisted lace in progress
Is that a cool pattern or what?!

Anyway, that leads me to another project: another cardigan for me. I need like 3 cardigans. I want to knit them all...but I must restrain myself until these get finished or the 1st 2 goes to the frog pond (there's no way I'm ripping Kidsilk).

Wish me luck in getting these projects finished.


Heather said...

I was looking at your pixie hat pattern and had a question. What size would you say it is for? Do you know how many I should cast on for a newborn? And one last one is the bottom turned up? Thank you so much it is very cute and I have a friend who wants a pixie hat for her new baby. I am an ok knitter but I need exact directions I am not good just going with it:) My email is h.schafer@comcast.net Thank you so much!

Walden said...

So much pretty lace. Good luck!

Soo said...

I can see how the temptation to start these would be toooooo much!! Good luck (not that you need it)!

Ketutar said...

I've got the startitis too... and it's "milder" form, planitis. You should see my "I want to do these" basket.
But good luck! May you finish what you start :-)

I like the way you say it: "I'm still really seriously in like with my book" :-)