Wednesday, December 03, 2008

My first Fair Isle

Have I mentioned my son is totally into Star Wars? Yeah, I must have. Anyway, I made him this:

star wars hat

On the bottom, it says " MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU" and since I had to do many calculations since I changed from DK to worsted weight, and then I have a 5 year old w/ a big head (remember emergency c-section), I put a little Ty fighter after that. And on top are AT-AT and AT-ST. On the top he wanted a Death Star.

star wars hat top Cast on 105 stitches.

Started November 20 2008
Completed November 24 2008
size 2 needles (to get gauge)
yarn: woolease since that's one of the only ones I found that carried 2 colors of grey.

Now I've got to make one for myself. I don't think I'll do the Star Wars version. There's a very nice filigree pattern I saw on Ravelry that I'll do...yeah, when I have time.


Diane said...

How adorable. He'll be the envy of all the kids in the neighborhood; and some of the adults too.

My oldest grandson is 5 with a big ole head too. He says he needs a big head before he has a lot of thoughts to keep in it.

fleegle said...

Nothing like a Death Star on top of your head!


Stefaneener said...

If I could knit fast enough, I'd put a bunch of Feegles running across a sweater for me and my eldest.

Isn't fair isle fun? I love your hat -- very creative. A friend says you shouldn't get props for birthing heavy babies, but big-headed ones.

stitchin' girl said...

What a great hat! We have several Star Wars fans here who would love a hat like that.