Wednesday, September 27, 2006


The Oregon Flock and Fleece Festival was this last weekend so I thought I'd stop by. We had planned a trip up to Orygun earlier this year and upon searching for knit and yarn events in the Northwest, it ended up that our trip coincided with the festival.

We drove south to Canby, a mere 30 miles from Portland (what's 30 miles when you've traveled 500+?). We followed their directions and pulled into a dirt/grass parking lot to find animals the size of sheep, but were in fact large dogs. We think there must have been a dog show going on at the same time. Anyway, we got back in the car and went a couple hundred yards further to another dirt/grass parking lot (bigger than the other one) and I noted that there were folks carrying large bags of loot, I mean fleece, to their cars...

The four of us went in and saw lots of folks in the central area spinning. There was also the yummy smell of barbeque, but since we'd eaten right before, it wasn't that tempting (especially the huge lines). We perused one building and realized that the animals weren't there.

btw-- that's how I was able to get them to go to the OFFF...the promise of sheep, llamas, and alpacas.

We finally found the animals and they were utterly charming. I love love the alpacas.
Also liked the llamas.
The angora bunnies were freaks . They were huge and fluffy and they took up the whole bunny cage.(didn't take pictures)

While z&a and z&a's dad were looking at the animals, I got a chance to look at yarn. I will post pictures of the small loot when I get a chance to take pics of them.

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