Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Stupid cupcake!

Was set to go to SnB last night--really I was. I ate dinner early,and had gotten stuff together. We were getting set to go when z started saying his tummy hurt. I look over and he's spit on the hard wood floor (not looking good) in the living room. As I started to tell him (in super slo mo) 'noooooooo' he threw up. Poor little kid -- came out his nose too, and you all know how yucky that is. I told him to stay there and got paper towels to clean him and the mess up. After I clean him up, and in the process of cleaning up the floor, I ask him whether he's going to be sick again or not. There was a no -- right before the second vomit on the floor (this time in the dining room), followed by a third vomit, of course in a third location.

After all that, he said he felt better, but man, I wasn't going to risk taking him to SnB.

What does it have to do w/ cupcakes? Apparently, he had cupcakes at daycare yesterday afternoon 'cause it was a's birthday (he turned 2). Anyway, z seems to think that's what got him sick--and I'm inclined to agree...stupid cupcakes...

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